I am Dani Granero, a consultant specialized in the area of ​​Management Accounting (Controller) with more than 20 years of experience, having worked and carried out projects in dozens of companies, such as multinationals, large companies and SMEs in the most varied sectors. I have worked as a Controller, Deputy Director, Consultant in the area of ​​Finance, and I have also been a partner in an ERP implementation company.

I currently enjoy my passion, carrying out projects and providing Management Accounting tools to companies around the world.

I work with companies that need to create or improve tools and processes to obtain greater control of their company’s key information that allows them to make successful decisions minimizing risks at the same time.


Dani Granero


More than 20 years of experience as a Controller and more than 6 years implementing, advising and training ERP ODOO.

Dani Granero


Skype: cashtrainers

Cell Phone: +34 652 42 60 70


The role of the Controller is widespread in large companies, but it is still the great unknown in SMEs, despite the fact that regardless of size they all have the same management needs.

Here you will find information, tools and techniques that a Controlller uses in large companies, but which have been designed and adapted to be used also in SMEs of any size and sector.

Many companies are only concerned with selling more and more, but they forget that it is essential to sell with profitably and generate the necessary cash to maintain or to grow, any activity in the company must be focused on generating more business or helping to generate it. To achieve the goals, Management Control provides the necessary support and tools.

I apply Kaizen (continuous improvement) in my working methodology, studying, researching and evolving day by day, this philosophy is what I transfer to the projects and services I carry out for companies.

The main services the companies contact me for are:

  • I help companies to build cost and profitability calculation systems to achieve greater competitiveness
  • I facilitate the management of the budgetary control system so that companies achieve their desired economic objectives
  • I develop custom Management Control tools and offer the acquisition of Premium tools already built