Home Budget M2 Excel Template

The objective of Home Budget M2 Excel Template is to keep a daily control of the income and expenses of the house, family or personal that we generate, starting from an initial balance, we control not only the final daily balance but also the monthly and annual balance.

The template is designed in a way that each month is managed independently, the data record tables are presented as a calendar. Thus, you wonder what happens when we change the year? Will the dates and days of the week change automatically? The answer is yes.

The template is prepared just adding the first day of the year all dates are updated automatically, even if the year is leap-year.


This means that it is a template that you can use for a lifetime.


The first step in the Home Page is to enter the date of the first day of the year to update the dates of every month, then we register the Initial Balance that must correspond to the balance you have on the first day of the year.


In the Configuration section you have the following options:

  • Configure income categories (Up to 15 categories)
  • Configure expenses categories (Up to 50 categories)
  • Configure income concepts by categories (Up to 15 income concepts)
  • Configure the concepts of expenses by categories (Up to 100 expenses concepts)
  • Configure the budget of income and expenses to later compare it monthly with the actual data. In the budget configuration we will record the initial budgeted balance, the total budgeted monthly income and the budgeted monthly expenses by categories.


Once we have configured the concepts of usual income and expenses, then you can always add new ones in case you need it, we start registering the actual daily income and expenses. Then you will have total control over your personal finances.

As we register actual data on the same sheet of the month, we can control the totals.

But the template has several reports for a more detailed analysis and control.


The available reports for Home Budget M2 Excel Template are:

  • Monthly Total Control
  • Monthly Concept Control
  • Monthly Category and Concept Control
  • Monthly Category Control


In the Monthly Total Control report, you can compare the income, expenses and final balance with the budgeted ones and control the variations.


And to save you work at the time of changing the year, a button has been included that generates a backup copy of the file including in the name the year of the included initial date and subsequently automatically deletes all the data of income and expenses recorded from every month.


Home Budget M2 Excel Template images

Home Budget Excel Template


Home Budget Excel Template


Home Budget Excel Template


Home Budget Excel Template


Home Budget Excel Template


Home Budget Excel Template


Home Budget Excel Template

Home Budget Excel Template


Home Budget Excel Template


Home Budget Excel Template


Home Budget Excel Template


The acquisition of the tool includes 1 month of support.

Microsoft Excel 2010 or higher is required. Recommended Windows OS.

The tool is delivered with the features shown on the page of this product.

If adaptations or modifications are needed, this tool will require assessment of the work to be done. Ask me to make custom adaptations.


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