Cash Flow Control M1 Free Excel Template

Cash Flow Control M1 Free Excel Template.

At the present any accounting, management or ERP software has cash or treasury control.


What is a cash or treasury control?

It is a record of all the inputs and outputs of money that have been made in the company, so that at the end of a certain date or period you can know the available balance that the company has through all the forms of payment it uses.


The normal thing is that the company keeps this record through accounting entries of collections and payments and controls the cash and banks movements from the general ledger. If we keep the accounting up to date, the balance of these accounting accounts must correspond to the balance of our cash and the balance of our bank accounts. In case that it does not match, we may need to post something pending or we have made a registration error.

In this way, we have a control system between the actual movements and what is accounted.


Thanks to the advancement of technology in management systems, it is currently very easy to relate or link the entry and exit movements with their respective collection or payment documents. Not too long ago, and it is still a common practice in many companies, the accountant prints (wasting paper unnecessarily) the bank statements and accounts them manually.

Manually matching the documents collected or paid (invoices, entries …) in the endless sheets of extracts.


Fortunately, most of the current management systems allow bank reconciliation. Saving the accountant’s time and a lot of printed paper.


With these systems there is no excuse for not keeping the cash or treasury up to date. Before, it was perhaps an excuse the large amount of time that had to be dedicated to accounting and controlling. But now there is no excuse.

The accountant reduces his workload, a very important cost is reduced for the company, the accountant can dedicate that time gained to tasks that provide more value than registering data manually.


And in addition, balances are monitored up to date, very valuable information that allows more reliable treasury forecasts to be made. Because it is important to know the money that is available to date, but more important is to know how much money the company will be able to have in 3 or 6 months. If this information is not known, how will the company make decisions related to financing or making investments?

I suppose that if you have come to this article, it is because you are interested in keeping control of cash or treasury from an Excel file, either because you do not keep accounting in your company or for whatever reason, so the speech that I have told you before you will have skipped it.


Reasons to keep a cash or treasury control with Excel?

One of my clients, for example, does not trust accounting information, so within the controlling services I perform for him, I developed a tool with Excel to control treasury, treasury forecasts and the profitability of projects. 3 features in 1. Quite a challenge.

Other reasons may be the lack of a management program in which to record the inputs and outputs of money.


If you really have the need to keep a cash or treasury control with Excel, here you have access to a tool created by the friendly website, a basic but functional tool for the control you need, as well as being customizable.


cash flow control M1 excel

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