Digital Marketing Dashboard Control M1 Free Excel Template

Free Excel Digital Marketing Dashboard.

Excel template for the control of key indicators related to Digital Marketing.


Assignment of monthly objectives, record of actual values ​​of the indicators and comparison of real data versus objectives.


The template is free and open so you can modify it according to your needs.

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The example shows the following KPIs or Metrics:

Facebook – No. Followers

Facebook – No. Publications

Twitter – No. Followers

Twitter – No. Publications

Instagram – No. Followers

Instagram – No. Publications

Linkedin – No. Leads

Linkedin – No. Publications

Youtube – Views

Youtube – Subscribers

Youtube – Likes

Youtube – Dislikes

Youtube – Shares

Youtube – Comments

Newsletters – Registered users

Newsletters – Campaigns

Newsletters – % Open emails

Newsletters – % Emails clicked

Blog – No. Publications

Blog – Comments

SEO – Impressions

SEO – Clicks

SEO – Site index

SEO – URL sent

SEO – URL index

Google Analytics – Users

Google Analytics – Sessions

Google Analytics – Pages per session

Google Analytics – Source/medium and channels

Google Analytics – Pageviews, unique pageviews

Google Analytics – Average time on page

Google Analytics – Bounce rate

Google Analytics traffic sources – Organic

Google Analytics traffic sources – SEM

Google Analytics traffic sources – Direct

Google Analytics traffic sources – Linkedin

Google Analytics traffic sources – Facebook

Google Analytics traffic sources – Twitter

Google Analytics traffic sources – Youtube

Sales – Revenues


Digital Marketing Dashboard Control Excel Template


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Industrial company financial manager

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