Control and Justification of Commercial Expenses Excel Free Template

Excel Justification of Commercial Expenses.

We can’t let employees spend whatever they want with company money.


Specially, in those employees who travel or have a company card.


All expenses generated by these employees must be justified and they must present the corresponding invoice so that the company can account for it.


If the expenses are not justified and the corresponding invoice is not presented, the company will not be able to book them, regularization accounting entries to balance the accounts should be required in this situation.


In addition, it is advisable to stablish spending budgets.


In companies where employees travel frequently, these commercial expenses can represent significant items that, added to personnel costs, can generate negative margins on sales.


Therefore, reasonable spending limits must be set that allow employees to perform their work satisfactorily and efficiently but at the same time generate positive margins for the company.


If your company needs a control and justification of commercial expenses with Excel, especially for those employees who travel or move frequently.


Here you have an example model, very easy to use, so that you at least begin to control and justify this type of expense.


The file that you have to click is the “A011 Travel Expenses Control M1”


Here are some images about this management tool.


I remind you that it is an example model, if it does not fit the needs of your company, you can always adapt it taking it as a reference.


I hope you find it useful. And if you need more information about the services I provide, contact me.

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Control and Justification of Commercial Expenses Excel

Control and Justification of Commercial Expenses Excel

Control and Justification of Commercial Expenses Excel

Control and Justification of Commercial Expenses Excel

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