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Are you worried about the calculation of costs and profitability in your company, the lack of liquidity, not knowing what you have earned and spent versus the budget, not having key performance indicators that allow you to achieve your objectives, the lack of information in key areas such as manufacturing or the dedication of too much administrative time to your processes?


Calm down is not the end of the world, it is not as important as I alarm it, many companies work without Cost Calculation, without Budget Control, without Analytical profit and loss statement, without Budget control or Treasury Forecasts, without Indicators Control, without analysis of internal information, without information for decision making, and they perform phenomenal, they earn a lot of money, they grow and build empires. Growth is organic, business works alone. There is plenty of money to invest, diversify and thus continue to earn more and more money.


The problem begins when the situation is reversed by whatever cause or situation, the company turns into losses, there is a lack of liquidity, the empire crumbles, competition gains market share, customers demand more quality at a lower price, the market changes and the company is not able to adapt the new environment… What can the company do? Is it too late to react? Hire a consulting company? but if there is no liquidity!! Fire employees? liquidity is also needed to pay compensations!! Sell ​​the company? It may be a solution, but the value of the company can be very low. Now you miss that information that could have helped you managing resources better and making more valuable decisions. But it’s still a little late for that. There is no solution anymore!


Many companies consider the area Management Accounting exclusive to multinationals and large companies. But they don’t realize that the only thing that makes them different is the size. All of them need the best internal information to minimize the risk and make correct decisions.


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Daniel Granero

I am Daniel Granero, a consultant specialized in the area of ​​Management Accounting (Controller) with more than 20 years of experience, having worked and carried out projects in dozens of companies, such as multinationals, large companies and SMEs in the most varied sectors. I have worked as a Controller, Deputy Director, Consultant in the area of ​​Finance, and I have also been a partner in an ERP implementation company.


I currently enjoy my passion, carrying out projects and providing Management Accounting tools to companies around the world.

Some years ago I started an internet company to provide Managing Accounting tools to Spanish-speaking companies. The web page is CASHTRAINERS.COM

Now it is time to offer information, studies, tools, techniques, experiences, real cases, designs, models, videos and tutorials related to the area of Management Accounting all over the world.

In this page you will find free Excel templates related to Management Accounting as well as premium templates, ad hoc projects and controlling services.

I am focused in cost accounting and budgetary control, but also you will find tools and information about sales, manufacturing, human resources and projects control.

Hope should be of your interest and you can learn about my experience and good practices performed in dozens of companies.