Balanced Scorecard Excel Template Key Indicators (KPIs) Control

Excel Balanced Scorecard Key Performance Indicators.

Excel Template for control Key Indicators (KPIs) in a classic Balanced Scorecard.

Would you like to have a clear, organized and simple vision of the Key Indicators (KPIs) of your company?
Many companies due to size or volume cannot afford, nor do they need, a technologically advanced or complex tool.

Sometimes with a simple tool or application it is enough to achieve your needs.


What is the purpose of using a tool like the Balanced Scorecard?

It allows people who control and make decisions in the company to have a quick and clear visualization of how the business is performing.

In the following images I show how to register data and use the indicator control scorecard tool to make an annual comparison.

  • Definition of objectives and key indicators in the objectives table
  • Entering key indicator data in the previous year’s monthly table
  • Introduction of actual monthly data of the indicators as the period is closed
  • Annual comparative control of the key indicators
  • Possibility of period selection
  • Comparative and accumulated monthly individual control of each indicator
  • Aggregate summary of all indicators
  • Monthly comparative chart
  • Cumulative monthly comparative chart


The example of how to manage a Balanced Scorecard with Excel includes:

  • The 4 Perspectives of Kaplan and Norton (Customers, Finance, Processes and Resources)
  • 25 Management Indicators per perspective (Total 100 Management Indicators)
  • Definition of objectives
  • Comparison with actual and historical data
  • Individual control of indicators, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual comparison
  • Control of accumulated
  • Control indicators on a single screen
  • Alert configuration
  • Possibility of including the strategic map
  • Open and modifiable template

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Free Excel Balanced Scorecard images

Balanced Scorecard Free Excel Template

Balanced Scorecard Free Excel Template

Balanced Scorecard Free Excel Template


Balanced Scorecard Free Excel Template


Balanced Scorecard Free Excel Template


Video Balanced Scorecard Free Excel Template


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