Customer Invoices Free Excel Template

Customer Invoices Free Excel Template.

Can you imagine being able to automatically create, print and manage up to 500 invoices in a single Excel template?

Well, with this free Excel template it is possible.

The design of this Excel template is very similar to what a management program or ERP may have.

What can we configure to automate sales invoices with this Excel template?

Basically you can configure all the data of your company so that it appears directly on the invoices. In this section you can also configure the default footer and the title that will take the invoice.

In Customers configuration we can predefine the name of the customer, the address, the postal code, the city, the province, the country, the tax ID and informative data as the telephone and email.

We can set several currencies to select them later in the invoices and in the configuration section we can also predefine the taxes that we will then select in each of the invoices. And for sure you can predefine the payment method, even add the bank account to be displayed on the invoices.

Creating, printing and managing Customer Invoices with the free Excel template

In the list of Customer Invoices we have the management and access to 500 independent invoices.

The functionality is very simple, from the invoice list we add the Invoice Number, the Invoice Date, the customer is selected from the drop-down, the currency and the payment method is selected and with this we have almost ready the invoice. Then we access the invoice through the corresponding link.

All that remains is to add the concepts, the quantity, the sale price, the percentage discount and select the taxes that have been predefined.

The subtotal will automatically be calculated by concept line, as well as the untaxed amount and the total to be paid.

Once the invoice data is completed, we only have to print it through the “Print Invoice” button, it will automatically generate a PDF with the invoice number.

In the list of invoices you can also keep track of the last payment made and the final balance.


And finally, once we close the year, there is a button that allows you to generate a backup copy of the file and delete the invoice data (it is necessary to enter a password for security reasons) and therefore you can use the same template again for the next year.


Today there is a lot of software on the market to manage customer sales invoices, there are free, paid, integrated with accounting, in the cloud …

It is not usual to generate and manage invoices with Excel. Excel is not intended to perform these types of functions. The idea of ​​this Excel template is that you can understand how a management program or ERP is built. And if you are a small business owner who issues few invoices a year, this template may be useful, saving you some time in the training of free software or some money in some payment software.


500 Customer Invoices Free Excel Template images


Customer Invoices Free Excel Template


Customer Invoices Free Excel Template


Customer Invoices Free Excel Template


Customer Invoices Free Excel Template


Customer Invoices Free Excel Template

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