Travel Expenses Control M1 Free Excel Template

Travel Expenses Control M1 Free Excel Template.

Travel Expenses Control with Excel. Download the Travel Expenses Control Sheet with Excel for free.

If your company does not have an ERP with an integrated module to control the travel expenses of the employees, here you have a simple free Excel template that will allow you to register, print and control those expenses derived in this section.

The template allows the configuration of the most important concepts and the different currencies that can be used.

There are 2 control sheets and one summary sheet to be approved by a higher level of supervision.

Regarding the payment mode there are only 2 forms, cash or card.

In the concepts section you must always keep at least one that is the concept “Unjustified” since it can be the case of an employee who cannot justify the expenses incurred to the company, this is already a matter of each company of how manage and treat expenses without justification.

On the other hand, the exchange rate column is left to be filled in by the Administration if payments are made in Foreign currency.

On each control sheet there is a summary that allows you to control the totals of justified expenses and unjustified expenses for credit card and cash payments. In this way we have a quick and global view of the amounts.

The summary sheet shows the totals of the control sheets and a total summary.

The procedure of this example is to be able to print the control sheets together with the summary sheet and be signed by the employee and approved by a supervisor.


It includes:

– Form for the control of travel expenses per employee

– Daily control of expenses

– Control for expense concepts

– Control by payment mode

– Detection of unjustified expenses

– Open and modifiable template

Travel Expenses Control M1 Free Excel Template images


Travel Expenses Control Free Excel Template


Travel Expenses Control Free Excel Template


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