Wedding Budget Control M1 Free Excel Template

Wedding Budget Control M1 Free Excel Template.

Excel spreadsheet to manage a Wedding Budget and compare it with actual expenses.

It is recommended that any event that involves a considerable expense to keep track of what you are going to spend based on your budget.

Weddings are very special events that usually involve a large financial outlay for future spouses and families. It is a very special day that everything must be organized and controlled, not only logistically but also economically.

As most companies do, a limit or objective budget must be established, the budget will be established based on economic capacity or financing possibilities if necessary. Keep in mind that the wedding is an event that does not represent an investment from which a return is expected, it is a complete budget of expenses. The benefit obtained is the moment lived, the commitment of a life together and the celebration of one of the most special days of future spouses.

The money you spend at the wedding will never be recovered … unless the person you marry has a lot of money, so in this case it may be a good business.


With this template you can set the budget objective to be allocated to the expenses that the event will cause. It is better if you have everything planned and as companies do, it is recommendable having everything planned because always occurs deviations over the budget.

To avoid expenses deviation too much over the budget, you can elaborate an action plan assigning tasks, managers, deadlines, priorities…. Template that you can also download for free on my page.

What features does the free Excel template for budget management for weddings have?

With this Excel template you can set a budget limit, you can create expense categories, and detail expense concepts by categories by assigning the expense forecast.

You can take control at the category level, controlling the total forecast on the budget limit set.

You can also record the actual expenses to compare with the budget.

A simple, free and open Excel Template.


Wedding Budget Control M1 Free Excel Template images


wedding budget free excel temaplate


wedding budget free excel temaplate


wedding budget free excel temaplate


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