Action Planning Free Excel Template

Action Planning Free Excel Template.

Example of a template to carry an Action Plan with Excel, the ideal complement to the Balanced Scorecard.

Turn your strategy into action.

If you work with objectives, such as an economic budget, a Balanced Scorecard, objectives for salespeople … You will know that it is not only about controlling the deviations of the real data with respect to the objectives, the most important thing is to have a plan that allows you to achieve the objectives. A goal without an action plan is useless.

The Action Plan Free Excel Template includes:

  • Detail of actions
  • Responsible for the action
  • Start date and end date
  • Importance of the action
  • The state of the action
  • The type of the action (Planned, initiative, corrective measure …)
  • The target and the indicator

Action Planning Free Excel Template image

Action Plan Free Excel Template

Do you need a professional Action Plan Excel Template?

Take a look this Action Plan Excel Template here

Excel Template Action Plan PRO

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