Balanced Scorecard M1 Excel Template

Balanced Scorecard M1 Excel Template.

Popular Balanced Scorecard performed with Excel, aimed at those companies that need to start controlling the strategy with KPIs, classification of indicators by targets and perspectives and definition of alerts for each Indicator individually.


In this version you can define up to 300 indicators. Each indicator can be assigned its own level of alerts.

Up to 100 strategic or operational targets can be defined.

The targets can be classified into perspectives, departments … up to 30 classification items.

Targets can be calculated based on data variations from the previous year or can be recorded manually. Here the manually recorded targets prevail over those calculated based on data from the previous year.

And of course, there is the possibility of recording data from the previous year and the current year for analysis and comparisons.


For the control of indicators, the tool has 3 sections:

Indicator Analysis. In this section an individual analysis of the indicator is carried out. Previously having selected the period to analyze, the indicator is selected and press the button Update Data. In the control, the actual data of the month is compared with the targets, the difference and the percentage reached are shown. Alert colours change depending on whether the indicator is increase or reduction.

This report also compares the current data with those of the previous year and those accumulated both at the level of comparison with the target and with the previous year. This report also has comparative charts of the actual versus the target, the actual versus the previous year, the actual accumulated versus the target and the actual accumulated versus the previous year.

Target Analysis. This report shows all the indicators of the selected target. In this report the results are not detailed month by month, the total of the selected period is shown. This report gives us a vision of whether the target is going well or not, depending on the results of the indicators.

Classification Analysis. This report expands the list of indicators as it shows all the targets related to a classification, for example, if we have classified the targets as a Financial Perspective, it will show all related indicators. This gives us insight into the results of a specific classification.


The action plan has also been integrated into the Scorecard as it is essential to control not only the results but also what will be done to improve them.


In the action plan the indicator is selected, a person in charge who can be associated with a department is assigned, an economic budget is assigned to the action, start date and end date are recorded, expiration days over end date are automatically calculated , and data such as the relevance of the action, state and type can be selected. All this data is configurable by the user.


A budget report of the action plan by months and departments has also been added.


Subsequently there are 2 data control sheets for quick checks, one that compares the current one and the target of all the indicators and another one that compares the actual versus the previous year.


Balanced Scorecard M1 Excel Template images


Balanced Scorecard M1 Excel Template


Balanced Scorecard M1 Excel Template


Balanced Scorecard M1 Excel Template


Balanced Scorecard M1 Excel Template


Balanced Scorecard M1 Excel Template


Balanced Scorecard M1 Excel Template


Balanced Scorecard M1 Excel Template


The acquisition of the tool includes 1 month of support.

Microsoft Excel 2010 or higher is required. Recommended Windows OS.

The tool is delivered with the features shown on the page of this product.

If adaptations or modifications are needed, this tool will require assessment of the work to be done. Ask me to make custom adaptations.


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