Payments Forecast Control FREE Excel Template

Payments Forecast Control FREE Excel Template.

If you are concerned about how much you have to pay in your company, here is a tool made with Excel that will allow you to make a forecast of all the payments that you have pending and manage those that you have already made to know how much you have to pay in the near future.


What types of payments can you plan to anticipate the future?


Invoice payments received. They are invoices confirmed and posted in your management system. You may have invoices with several payment terms. A common practice in some countries.


Payments of unique expenses. Here you can forecast expenses that are booked or not (these expenses have not been generated by invoices) but are pending payment, such as employee payroll, tax payments, financial expenses, early amortization of loans ….


Recurring expense payments. Unlike the previous expenses, these may originate from an invoice, but it has not yet been received and therefore it has not been accounted for, these expenses have the particularity that we know in advance more or less how much to pay in advance periodic. For example, rents, loan repayments, insurance, subscriptions, maintenance, payroll can also be included in this type of expense …


In the case of having confirmed purchase orders and knowing when you are going to pay them, but you have not yet received an invoice, you can use any of the 3 types of forecasts.


With the Payment Forecast Control template you can make up to 100 forecasts and control them through a dynamic report.


Each forecast is a sheet of the Excel workbook that you can access through a list that shows the relevant information for each forecast.


In each forecast, you can select the supplier if it is related to the invoice or the order.

You can add the document that can be an invoice or an order, as well as the date of the document.


You can select the type of forecast. By default Invoice, unique Expense and recurring Expense.

We also have to record the total amount to be paid.

Once the header data has been registered, we proceed to register the forecasts, in the case of having several payment terms, we will add the corresponding due dates and the amount to be paid on each date.

Once the forecast is paid, we will add the amount paid and the forecast will not be included in the report automatically.

The report to control payment forecasts is dynamic. It shows us by default the Type of Forecast, the Document, the due Date and the amount to be paid for weeks, months and years.

We can filter the information by Forecast Type, Supplier, Month of Due Date and Year of Due Date.

Images Control Payment Forecasts with Excel FREE


Payments Forecast Control FREE Excel Template


Payments Forecast Control FREE Excel Template


Payments Forecast Control FREE Excel Template


Payments Forecast Control FREE Excel Template



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