Budget Control with SIMULATOR and Projections

Projections Budget Control.

One of my main work philosophies, in addition to providing a service of high professional quality and maximum added value for companies, is to apply the Continuous Improvement methodology in all the Management Control applications that I develop.

Continuous improvement typically works thinking about how to improve designs and processes and listening carefully to customers.


If a customer’s need can be applied in a general way to the rest of the companies I work with, then the process is standardized.

This is what has happened with the popular Budgetary Control System based on Projections.

A customer realized than had the need to perform simulations on real accounting data and on forecasts.

Obviously, the app was not designed for this purpose in the first place.

Simulations could be done in the projections section, but that was not really its true functionality.


Therefore recently I have included the functionality to perform simulations in the YOY P&L report comparing current accounting data to the same period of the previous year and in the full-year forecast report compared to the annual budget.

Then, the customer can make any change in the amounts to analyze what would have happened if, that is, the famous “WHAT IF” and also perform simulations in the projections that facilitate the creation of scenarios to make better decisions.

A faster and more efficient method that allows management to see the different alternatives they can take.

If you still do not know the Budget Control System based on Projections including Analytical P&L, take a look at it by clicking on the link.


The operation of the simulators is very simple, access to the SIMULATOR report, those items that do not contain formulas can be modified and the scenario is analyzed. If you want to recover the original real scenario, press the “REBOOT SIMULATOR” button and you can start over again.

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Images Budget Control with SIMULATOR and Projections

Budget Control with SIMULATOR and Projections

Budget Control with SIMULATOR and Projections

Budget Control with SIMULATOR and Projections

Budget Control with SIMULATOR and Projections

Download a DEMO of the 2kM15 version Budget Control.

Download Budget Control Ytd FyFcst M15
Example of Budgetary Control Reports



This way of keeping a budget control changes everything. We had never tried it because we did not think it would be useful. But with Dani’s methodology we now see the potential and we think it will help us in very many ways.

The Budgetary Control technique and tool is helping us to better manage expenses and that allows us to make better decisions. A great contribution to our management control.

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Industrial company financial manager

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