Human Resources Excel Templates

Human Resources Excel Templates.

The Human Resources Excel Templates are a set of our best-selling templates can provide your human resources information.

Use these HR dashboard templates to effectively organize your data and modern visual effects to communicate with your team.

Exquisite templates are designed with full consideration of the needs of modern enterprises.


Excel Template HR Metrics Dashboard

The HR indicator dashboard template is an Excel spreadsheet used to monitor the most common key performance indicators of human resources.

The dashboard template allows you and your team to have a comprehensive understanding of the company’s workforce, and can quickly analyze human resource needs and successful experience.


Excel Template HR Recruitment Dashboard

The HR recruitment dashboard template is an Excel spreadsheet used to track the 12 most important key performance indicators in HR recruitment.

This spreadsheet template is specifically designed to help recruiting companies and human resources departments measure the success of their recruitment process.

The HR recruitment dashboard template tracks data on a monthly basis, allowing users to find possible trends.

The template simplifies the assessment of the recruitment process-immediately identify areas for improvement. Or, show your employees their achievements!

The template comes in two different colors-you can choose the one that is closest to the company’s color.

Main features:

  • Monitor HR recruitment progress monthly
  • Provide actionable insights to correct inefficiencies
  • Integrate all human resource indicators in one place
  • Easily keep your team informed
  • Easy-to-understand charts to clearly visualize the results
  • Multilingual template: select one of the available languages ​​(English, French or Portuguese), or manually translate into the language of your choice


Excel Template HR Budget Expenses

Make the most of your human resource budget. HR budget is a template designed to reduce the hassle of managing a company’s human resource budget. Reduce calculation errors and keep all the information at your fingertips.


This Excel spreadsheet is easy to use, and as always, the dashboard provides you with a complete and simple snapshot of your budget and expenses.

Track your expenses monthly and yearly and compare with the allocated budget. View budgets by category and subcategory, and view expenses by vendor.

Six major expense categories are provided, and you can rename these categories to suit your business.


Main features:

  • Allocate and monitor human resource budgets by month and category (expense)
  • Track and control variable expenses
  • Multilingual templates make communication more effective. Choose one of the available languages ​​(English, French or Portuguese), or manually translate into the language of your choice
  • Generate a complete report (comparison of budget and actual, expenditure by category/subcategory and supplier)
  • Keep all your supplier information in one convenient place-there is even a place to take notes for better communication between users


Excel Template Health and Safety Dashboard

A new way to monitor important events in employee health and safety. The Health and Safety Dashboard (which is twice the size of the Incident Dashboard) is an Excel spreadsheet template designed to improve the efficiency of incident reporting. Confidential event information is kept in one place and can be easily updated.


The dashboard template has built-in key indicators, just enter the company’s data. The spreadsheet dashboard provides an overview of safety and health in the organization. You can also track the number of days since the last incident to promote and motivate safe workplace practices.


Main features:

  • Number of monitoring events and their cost and severity
  • Understand the actual cost of workplace safety incidents
  • Track events at any time to identify trends
  • The temple can also be used as an event dashboard Easy-to-share results facilitate communication with employees and stakeholders
  • Multilingual template: choose one of the available languages ​​(English, French or Portuguese), or manually translate into the language of your choice

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Images Human Resources Excel Templates

Human Resources Excel Templates


Human Resources Excel Templates


Human Resources Excel Templates


Human Resources Excel Templates


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