ODOO Analysis Margins and Costs of Sales

Costs of Sales ODOO.

A key analysis in any company is the control of costs and margins.

The purpose is to know where you earn more money for the company to be able to make decisions or take the necessary corrective actions.

The frequent analysis is those of costs and margins by products, product families, customers, salespersons, sales channels, geographical areas…

In the following example performed with data imported from ERP ODOO queries, I perform 4 types of analysis, by products, customers, salespersons, and states.

In this report for the ERP ODOO, although it could be used by any company that has this type of information, a comparative analysis is made between 2 periods of dates. In this way we can analyze evolutions and changes derived from performed actions.


All reports include initial period revenues, costs, margins, % margin, % margin over total, cumulative margins and % cumulative margins, all sorted from highest to lowest margin, so it is considered a ranking of each section that we are going to analyze.

At the same time, the revenues, costs and margins are compared with the other period of time to analyze the variation or deviation.

In addition to being able to perform an individual analysis of each item, for example, of each product, customer, salesperson or state, a very interesting analysis can be performed, which is, for example, how many products accumulate 80% of the total margin, in many cases it tends to coincide approximately with the famous Pareto 80-20 law, which means as an example that 20% of the products generate 80% of the total margin.


This is very relevant when making strategic decisions at a commercial and financial level…

In all the companies to which I provide the Controlling service, this type of reports simply seems AMAZING and very useful….


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ODOO Analysis Margins and Costs of Sales

ODOO Analysis Margins and Costs of Sales

ODOO Analysis Margins and Costs of Sales

ODOO Analysis Margins and Costs of Sales

ODOO Analysis Margins and Costs of Sales

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Industrial company financial manager

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