Control ODOO Commissions with Excel

Excel ODOO Commissions.

As a Consultant and Controller specialized in the ERP ODOO, I perform many control, analysis and planning reports for decision making.

ODOO is an excellent information management, every model or table in ODOO has a large number of fields, most of which we cannot see or work with because they are hidden.

Except for the core modules, most of the modules are developed by other consultants, some free and others paid. Each consultant develops the module either adapting it to the requirements of a company or simply because they consider that there is a need to cover.

It is common for developers to worry more about the functionality of the module than about the control of the information, and ODOO, like any other ERP, does not present the information in a simple way unless it is specifically programmed for this.

For this reason, a very simple and practical way to prepare analysis, control and planning reports is to download the information that convenient for us to Excel, then process it and present it in an easy way so that the company’s users can take advantage of it and obtain the maximum performance from the gigantic source of information that is the ERP ODOO.


In this case I show you a report of the many that I elaborate every day for the companies I work with.

In this case it is a Report to control the commissions paid to commercial agents.

Actually, there are 4 reports, some with aggregate information and others with more detailed information, such as the invoices that carry commissions or the customers that have generated the invoices including commercial commissions.

The best thing is that you see it yourself in the following images.

Images Control ODOO Commissions with Excel

Control ODOO Commissions with Excel

Control ODOO Commissions with Excel

Control ODOO Commissions with Excel

Control ODOO Commissions with Excel

Control ODOO Commissions with Excel

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Industrial company financial manager

Industrial company financial manager

Dani is helping us to use ODOO more efficiently, we are rapidly leveling up with the ERP. It is also preparing us very useful analysis and control reports and outstanding management tools. Always available by phone or email, willing to help and collaborate in everything that is proposed. Very professional and fast work. A key service for our company.

Dani Granero

Controlling Consultant
Controller ODOO ERP

Dani Consultor Controller y ODOO


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