Is ERP ODOO a substitute or a complement to Excel spreadsheets? Take a look ODOO 14

Is ERP ODOO a substitute or a complement to Excel spreadsheets? Take a look ODOO 14.

I have seen many posts that sell ERP ODOO as a substitute for spreadsheets management.

And the most purists are clear defenders of this cause.


But the practice in real situations is completely different.


I am an ODOO functional consultant and I have always believed that an ERP and Excel spreadsheets are complementary, this is because spreadsheets allow flexible, dynamic and changing functionalities that an ERP would be very complex and expensive to develop and implement .


Spreadsheets are very useful for performing an analysis of processes in ODOO or designing a module for a specific functionality.


It is better to make an example in an Excel spreadsheet before developing so that the programmer understands what is expected to be achieved and understands it in a simpler way than with the classic paragraph in an email or in a Word document, although would be helpful through a simple process diagram in a Power Point or with any other tool.


In addition, all customers want their key reports in spreadsheets and not just PDF. Viewing a report in a web application or an advanced system like Power BI is great, but analysts love to download that information into Excel and perform their own calculations and control, analysis or decision-making models.


And what about data imports and migrations, many of them can be done by scripts, but most of the consultants use spreadsheets and CSVs.


I perform controlling services for companies using Excel spreadsheets with source information from ERP ODOO, so both tools are necessary and complementary for financial control tasks.


For sure that consultants prefer to integrate all the functions they can into an ERP, and it would also be very advantageous for the company, but as I always say, the cost-benefit of the functionalities must be properly analyze before taking a decision.


Now an ERP like ODOO incorporates an integrated spreadsheet functionality in version 14.


In this video the usefulness that this function can have is not very well appreciated, I imagine that we will discover it in further videos, documentation, posts and forums, then we will see the scope that this functionality can have.


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