Planning activities CRM ODOO

Planning activities CRM ODOO.

A very interesting and useful function of versions higher than 11 in the CRM ERP ODOO is the planning of activities performed in any ERP object (sales and purchase orders, delivery notes, invoices, opportunities, manufacturing orders, project tasks, customers, suppliers, products…)


At the bottom of the object you cand find the Plan activity option, if we click on this option we can select the type of activity, adding a title and a description, select a target, deadline or validity date and a user, we can be ourselves or another Username.


Once the data is completed, click Plan.


An icon with the number of pending activities to be done appears in the upper toolbar.


Do not confuse the concept of activities with project tasks.


Clicking on the icon we can see for each object those activities that have already expired or are pending expiration.


If we click on any of the options, it will take us to the documents that have pending activities, inside the document at the bottom we will see the activity or activities that we have pending and we can manage them or mark them as completed.


At the same time we can plan another activity directly.


Other options provided by the ERP is a list of all pending tasks which can be filtered or grouped or searched as in any other list.


And a report with the number of activities carried out can be analyzed.


Plan activities to keep you organized in ODOO

The ideal strategy to stay on track with your job is to plan activities. Remind yourself of the tasks that need to be completed and plan the subsequent activities.


Wherever you are in Odoo, your actions are accessible. Prioritization is straightforward.

Planning Activities CRM ODOO


Track activities with ODOO

Each document may be used to track activities. Here is an example of an opportunity:

Planning Activities CRM ODOO


Schedule the subsequent activiy in ODOO

Activities may be scheduled and handled using chatters or kanban views.


Configure your activity types in ODOO

Odoo has a variety of generic activity types by default (e.g. call, email, meeting, etc.). To add new ones, navigate to Settings / General settings / Activity Types.


Meetings scheduled with ODOO

Specific days are designated for activities. If you want hours to be specified, select the Meeting activity type. When you schedule one, the calendar will automatically open to allow you to choose a time period.

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