Jooble Bad Practices and Reviews SEO and Backlinks Strategy

Jooble Bad Practices and Reviews SEO and Backlinks Strategy.

Today we are going to talk about a rather unpleasant experience that I have had with Jooble, a website for job offers all around the world. These are a review for Jooble.


A few days ago I received an email from Jooble, a company originally from Kiev and specialized in job offers. He has offered us an exchange of links between both websites. A common practice for those who want to climb positions in Google.

However, I have never bought traffic, links, or followers on social networks, I have not even exchanged links, but I have found it interesting to hear the proposal.


A malicious proposal from Jooble

Jooble’s proposal has told me:

Dear Dani,

Hope you are doing well!

I’m Vladimir with Jooble USA, we are the 2nd largest job aggregator in the world with 4M daily visitors in average.

We are interested in a quick non-commercial collaboration with your website (


Well, let’s start from the very beginning. I represent Jooble in the USA ( And we would like to offer you a non-monetary partnership without any payments from your side.

We would like to offer you a free big banner advertsiment (300X350Px) on Jooble search resuit pages. So users will be redirected to your website by clicking on the banner. It is going to be placed on job pages and would be found by the keywords you will choose relevant for your thematic. According to our research, we would like to set such keywords as product management, project management, account management, finance. We have search queries for them, which are 1000, 2678, 1140, 2200 respectively every month. Moreover, we can set those keywords, which you think would be better, just let me know. Here is the example of the location:


Jooble Bad Practices and Reviews


In return, we would appreciate, if you could place our link – ( We can discuss with you the location of the link, but my first offer is to put it like this:


Jooble Bad Practices and Reviews


As I’ve already mentioned, we can discuss about the location and keywords. The mains thing is how it would be better for you!


How can we help to each other? Well, when people will search a job with those keywords, they will se the banner with your website, which can be attractive and useful for them. Thus, you can increase your visibility, and for us we can increase clients to apply for a job. Moreover, we help to our clients together: from our side to find some useful knowledge (which, of course, has your website), and for your side to easily find a job, just clicking on the link.


What are your thought? Any offers?

P.s. in your website I’ve read that you’re from Spain, entonces podemos cambiar al español, si quiere..”


He has also attached a screenshot of his Google analytics where it can be seen that it is a website that reaches almost 4 million visits per month. In addition, he has also attached a link to Similar Web so that we can verify that they do indeed have a lot of traffic.


So far so good. They are a website with traffic and authority and are offered a deal in which we both come out winning.


The person who sends the email is Vladimir Tuntaev, whose position in the email signature is Jooble Country Manager.

Also the email ends in @, so we gave it truthfulness.


JOOBLE A portal for job offers all around the world that quickly gains links

Once I have seen that they have increased in visits very quickly, we have channeled with Sixtrix (a tool for SEO experts) the evolution of the backlinks of this portal of job offers in Spain. This is the graph of the last months of As we see there is a spectacular increase:

jooble job offers agregator


We have also analyzed it with Semrush and Ahrefs, two other paid websites for SEO experts, and this has been the result: almost 43,000 different domains! with a notable increase in recent weeks.

The conclusion is that we suspect that we are not the only website to which a link exchange has been proposed. They have gotten thousands of backlinks in a very short space of time.


But let’s stop for a moment to explain why it is interesting to have inbound links to your website or backlinks:


Why is it interesting for JOOBLE to exchange links between websites?

When a website links to another in principle it transmits “authority”, a concept that we could define as “prestige”. The more “prestigious” a website has, the higher it will appear in Google or Microsoft Bing search results. This “authority” that is transmitted is known in the SEO world as “Link Juice”.


Before we said that making a link in principle transmits authority, but only in principle. Tapping the code a bit can make Google robots ignore it. This is done with a “nofollow tag”.


When a link does allow sending authority (or Link Juice) it is said to be follow or dofollow (they are synonymous), the opposite is a “nofollow” link.


Why do we say that Jooble is cheating?

When Jooble proposes link exchanges, it is understood that it does so taking into account that both links will allow “authority” to be exchanged, that is, both will be dofollow.


As soon as we received the proposal of this portal of job offers, we have asked if the links are follow or not, and we have warned that ours will be the same as yours, whatever you decide. They replied that they wanted “follow” (obviously) and urged us in many emails to link to them as soon as possible.


Our surprise was that when we received your link it was a clickable button. When we get into the code we have seen that it has an “onclick” attribute that what it does is call a javascript function “myFunction ()” that is executed when the element is clicked (in this case a button). In short: it is a link that does not convey authority (“prestige” or Link juice).


Don’t trust Jooble, seek opinions

We have consulted experts in SEO but we weren’t sure if an element with button attribute allows authority submission or not.


What links does Google index?

The links that Google indexes are the following:


<a href=»/good-link”> Will be crawled </a> This is a regular href link that is crawled by Google.

<span onclick = ”changePage (‘ bad-link ’)”> Will not be crawled </span> Google does not crawl this link because it is not an anchor text.

<a onclick=”changePage(‘bad-link’)> Will not be crawled </a> This link is in an anchor, but does not use the href attribute. That is why Google does not track it.

<a href= /good-link onclick= changePage( ‘good-link ’)> This link will be crawled </a> Google does crawl this link because it is an anchor with a href attribute.

Conclusion: Google only parses anchor tags with href attributes. You can see the explanation in the following video



What conclusion can we draw from this action on the Jooble job offers website?

That Jooble asks for a dofollow link, in exchange for a link that does not convey any authority, and also from a page that contains practically nothing other than the hover button. That is, you will never have traffic of any kind because what generates traffic is precisely having text.


When we have complained about this malicious proposal, the most they have done has been to offer us the possibility of getting a link from the blog, but not from, which was the initial proposal.


The website that they offer us, the so-called is a link farm. That is, it is absolutely worthless.


Review about Jooble, the website for job offers

The intention of making our opinions about Jooble’s modus operandi public is to try to prevent other websites from falling for this trick. There are many people who have less knowledge and in good faith will trust this website for job offers. Do not do it. And if you are looking for work, there are other modes and other job offer websites.

Curiously, the internet is full of bad opinions of this website of job offers, and not only for the reason that we have explained to you.

Jooble’s reviews couldn’t be worse.

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