Download Example of Excel thermometer chart

Download Example of Excel thermometer chart.

Excel thermometer charts are a useful tool for keeping a visual record of progress made toward a certain objective.

These charts are gaining popularity among companies and organizations that need to efficiently and plainly communicate progress to a large audience.

Because of the visual character of thermometer charts, which sets them apart from other kinds of data visualization, these charts are an excellent option for displaying high-level information.


Up to three indicators may be plotted on this thermometer-style chart provided as a template for Excel by Microsoft.

You may use this thermometer chart on other dashboards, or you can learn how to construct a thermometer chart using an image by following the instructions provided here.

It’s a fantastic strategy for enhancing the effectiveness of your business communications!

Download Examples of Excel thermometer charts


Principal Attributes

Stunning thermometers that may be used to highlight performance indications

Create your own own visual boards quickly and easily with the help of our charts.

Spread the word to everyone about the performance metrics that are in place, and be sure to recognize any and all successes.

Put these thermometers to use on some of the other dashboards.

Become familiar with the process of creating a thermometer chart in Excel.

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