Tracking Shipments Excel Template

Tracking Shipments Excel Template.

Goods delivery is growing more complicated, especially during times of market instability.

With the Excel Shipments Management Template, you can relax your mind by planning and tracking your deliveries.

View your shipment data by delivery person or customer, or search your delivery database for particular shipment information such as delay notifications and shipment status.


Important Characteristics

Completely unlocked template

The appealing dashboard contains several categories and filters that allow you to view the complete procedure.

All of your most recent data is organized in a delivery database and other listings.

The entire template is ideal for digital or print presentations as well as communication with colleagues.

Our company offers Excel spreadsheet templates that help you organize your day.

Expandable can store years of data in a single file

Template in several languages: Choose one of the available languages (English, French, or Portuguese) or manually translate to your preferred language.


You’ll receive a bird’s-eye view of your whole delivery system, including late delivery rates, fees, and location information, with a Delivery Database, Report with indications monthly and by delivery person, and a thorough Dashboard.

Why waste another minute worrying about your deliveries? Our company has created yet another fantastic project management solution for you.


What is included?

One template with example data

Two different-colored templates are ready to receive your data.

Images Tracking Shipments Excel Template

01 Tracking Shipments Excel Template

02 Tracking Shipments Excel Template

03 Tracking Shipments Excel Template

04 Tracking Shipments Excel Template

05 Tracking Shipments Excel Template

06 Tracking Shipments Excel Template

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