Projects Kanban Control Excel Template

Projects Kanban Control Excel Template.

Managing your workload has just been a lot easier.

Our Automated Kanban Excel Template ensures that your projects get from “to-do” to “done.”

Use this project management tool to visualize project progress, increase productivity, and improve communication with coworkers.


Important Characteristics


A beautiful dashboard with clear visuals: Cards sorted by Status, Cards sorted by Priority, Cards sorted by Team Members/Status, Cards sorted by Team Members/Priority

Track the status of your projects (cards) through time, from Blocked to Doing to Done, Overdue to Backlog.

Make presentations and reports more user-friendly and professional.

Display up to 200 tasks on various projects or status, with the ability to filter them in a variety of ways.


From data arrangement to the colors we utilize, this template is intended for maximum effect. Get rid of your stacks of post-it notes and try our Kanban board today!


Easy and PRO

Fully unlocked template VBA code and macros for task automation

Spreadsheets that may be printed without the branding

There are no monthly payments

Download immediately

Images Projects Kanban Control Excel Template

01 Projects Kanban Control Excel Template

02 Projects Kanban Control Excel Template

03 Projects Kanban Control Excel Template

04 Projects Kanban Control Excel Template

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