Pipeline CRM Excel spreadsheet

Pipeline CRM Excel spreadsheet.

The CRM Pipeline is an Excel Spreadsheet created to assist you in visualizing your organization’s sales process.

Use this template to determine the size of your sales funnel, determine if your transactions are stagnating, and determine your primary revenue source.

The CRM Pipeline Template can help you track your sales activity and provide important insights to help your business develop.


Important characteristics

CRM pipeline that is interactive and dynamic

Display a visually pleasing dashboard KPIs are critical for managers and sales teams.

Template in several languages: Choose one of the available languages (English, French, Portuguese, or Spanish) or manually translate to your preferred language.

Video CRM Excel spreadsheet

Easy and professional

Horizontal menu for easier page navigation

Spreadsheets that may be printed without the company branding

There are no monthly payments

Completely unlocked template


Images Pipeline Excel spreadsheet

01 Pipeline CRM Excel spreadsheet

02 Pipeline CRM Excel spreadsheet

03 Pipeline CRM Excel spreadsheet

04 Pipeline CRM Excel spreadsheet

05 Pipeline CRM Excel spreadsheet

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