Pickleball and Paddle Sport Club Profit Analysis Free Excel spreadsheet

Pickleball and Paddle Sport Club Profit Analysis Free Excel spreadsheet.

Pickleball and Paddle are emerging sports that are highly geographically localized.

Pickleball is practiced mostly in the USA, while Paddle is played in Spain and Argentina.

In both sports a racket is used, but both also have in common the ease of learning and a rapid evolution in a short time at the amateur level. It is not necessary to be in great physical shape for their practice, so they are sports that can be played by young children to older people. Paddle tennis is played in pairs, while Pickleball can be played in pairs or individually. This makes them very social and fun sports that also provide health benefits.


Pickeball professional points video


Paddle Tennis professional points video

The fact that they are social sports greatly favors the creation of specific sports clubs for these sports or in existing clubs the creation of courts to be able to practice them.

Paddle tennis arrived in Spain more than 25 years ago, becoming an elitist sport due to the few courts that were available to play. Some sports have started in a similar way, let’s remember the beginnings of Football in 1863 (Creation of the Football Association in England), a game only practiced by the upper class who could study in the best colleges.


But when a sport is fun, easy to play, and affordable, it quickly becomes popular.

And this is what happened with paddle tennis, where tennis clubs or sports clubs began to build some courts because they did not require as much space as a tennis court and they did not need as much maintenance as a clay or grass court.

In a short time it became so popular that clubs destined solely for the practice of paddle tennis began to emerge. Paddle was becoming big business in Spain. It is one of the fastest growing sports and also one of the most practiced today.

Due to the economic crisis of 2008, many industrial buildings were left unoccupied, so small businessmen saw the opportunity to create paddle clubs in this type of building. The creation of clubs in indoor buldings had the advantage of being able to practice the sport at any time of the year, without affecting the players the inclement weather (cold, rain, wind, heat …) even many clubs have air conditioning for the summer.

Being located in industrial estates, they could attract players from nearby companies and towns.

The paddle clubs multiplied, saturating the market. The competition is very high, so soon some began to lower prices and other clubs improved their services, increasing investment and therefore their costs.

Some clubs have not been able to survive the fierce competition and have had to close down or revert to productive activities.

In Pickleball unlike Paddle, the investment in the construction of courts is much more economical since it does not require the construction of concrete or glass walls and fences, as well as the carpet and lighting systems.



Pickleball can be played on any smooth surface, even the net can be portable.

For that reason and due to the great number of similarities of paddle, such us fun, social, easy to learn and beneficial sports for health, pickleball has become one of the fastest growing sports in the USA.


It seems that they are sports with a very attractive business due to their high growth rate.


Before starting a business adventure with the investment of a sports club for the practice of paddle or pickleball, a budgeting system is important that allows you to carry out simulations for decision-making before starting.


As in any other company, a large number of variables must be considered when designing a profitability or financial viability analysis.


For example, you may have to make decisions such as:

  • How many hours are you going to open …
  • How many days a month are you going to have open …
  • How many tracks are you going to invest …
  • Rented ship or own ship …
  • Hired personnel or self-employment …
  • Rates, bonuses, fees, discounts …
  • Expenses for attracting players …


With Pickleball and Paddle Sport Club Profit Analysis Free Excel spreadsheet you can perform simulations on:

  • No. of Tracks Configuration
  • 2 Shift Configuration (Morning and Evening)
  • Schedule Configuration (Up to 15 time bands)
  • Set up investment
  • Configure other investments (reforms, equipment …)
  • Depreciation calculation
  • Configuration of General Expenses (Rentals, rates, insurance, electricity, water, advertising …)
  • Billing planning by days, weeks and months.
  • Key indicators such as maximum runway utilization capacity or estimated or actual% runway utilization. Track Performance.
  • Configuration of prices by shifts, time bands, days, months …
  • Profitability analysis by shifts or time slots
  • Monthly income statement
  • Monthly detail of the Analytical Income Statement.
  • Distinction between covered and uncovered paddle tennis courts for investments, pricing strategies and% of court occupancy.
  • Different sources of income, direct income from rental of courts, classes and tournaments, and the possibility of including other income such as season tickets, sponsorships, electricity….
  • Planning the cost of staff, or possibility of managing staff with cost per hour.
  • Distribution of electricity costs independently of the distribution model of the rest of general expenses. Imputation of costs based on morning or evening hours.
  • Cash-Flow statement
  • Investment recovery period
  • Classic P&L
  • P&L KPIs


It also has a section for the strategic analysis of the business


  • Porter Analysis
    • Rivalry between competitors
    • Sector Growth
    • Many or few competitors
    • Courts excess?
    • Average profitability of the sector
    • Differentiation of the product or service
    • Exit barriers
    • Entry Threat of new competitors
    • Economies of scale – Can you grow more while keeping costs?
    • Capital or financial needs
    • Access to Technology – Easy to Set Up a Club?
    • Regulations or laws that limit the entry of competitors
    • Bureaucratic procedures
    • Expected reaction of current competitors
    • Bargaining power of customers
    • Number of clients
    • Upward integration
    • Customer profitability
    • Cost of changing suppliers
    • Substitute products
    • Availability of Substitute Products or Services


  • SWOT analysis
  • Value Chain Diagnosis
    • The club has a systematized policy of zero defects in the services performed
    • The club uses the most technologically advanced production means in its sector
    • The club has an efficient and effective management information and control system
    • The technical and technological means of the club are prepared to compete in the short, medium and long term future
    • The club is a reference in its sector in the latest news and trends
    • The excellence of the company’s procedures are a main source of competitive advantage
    • The company has a website, and this is used not only as a virtual showcase of products or services, but also to establish relationships with customers and suppliers
    • The products or services that the company develops incorporate a technology that is difficult to imitate
    • The company is a reference in its sector in optimization in terms of cost, this being one of its main competitive advantages
    • The digitization of the company is a source of clear competitive advantage over its competitors
    • The company’s distribution channels are an important source of competitive advantages
    • The products or services of the company are highly and differentially valued by the client in comparison to competitors
    • The company has and executes a systematic marketing and sales plan
    • The company has optimized its financial management
    • The company continually seeks to improve the relationship with its customers by offering a better and more comprehensive service. But always starting from a previous plan
    • The company is a reference in its sector in the launch of innovative products and services of proven success in the market
    • Human Resources are especially responsible for the success of the company, being considered the main strategic asset
    • There is a team of highly motivated employees who clearly know the goals, objectives and strategies of the organization
    • The company always works according to a clear strategy and objectives
    • Cash-Flow management is optimized
    • The strategic positioning of all the company’s products is clearly defined
    • There is a brand policy based on the reputation that the company generates, on the management of the customer relationship and on the previously defined strategic positioning
    • The client portfolio of our company is highly loyal, since our main objective is to satisfy their needs every day.
    • Our policy and sales and marketing team is an important competitive advantage of our company with respect to the sector
    • The customer service we provide is one of our main competitive advantages over our competitors
  • Strategy Targets
  • Results Summary Analysis


This template was created many years ago, today it could be done in a more professional way, but it is a base on which to start to build a profitable and viable business.

I hope it can be useful for you.


Images Pickleball and Paddle Sport Club Profit Analysis Free Excel spreadsheet

Pickleball and Paddle Sport Club Profit Analysis Free Excel spreadsheet


Pickleball and Paddle Sport Club Profit Analysis Free Excel spreadsheet


Pickleball and Paddle Sport Club Profit Analysis Free Excel spreadsheet


Pickleball and Paddle Sport Club Profit Analysis Free Excel spreadsheet


Pickleball and Paddle Sport Club Profit Analysis Free Excel spreadsheet


Pickleball and Paddle Sport Club Profit Analysis Free Excel spreadsheet


Pickleball and Paddle Sport Club Profit Analysis Free Excel spreadsheet


Pickleball and Paddle Sport Club Profit Analysis Free Excel spreadsheet


Pickleball and Paddle Sport Club Profit Analysis Free Excel spreadsheet


Pickleball and Paddle Sport Club Profit Analysis Free Excel spreadsheet


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