ODOO & CONTROLLING Assistance and Training

Information about ERP ODOO

Goals to achieve in ODOO & CONTROLLING:

The ERP ODOO service is a flat rate to help the company efficiently manage the areas integrated in the functional section.

Design of processes and procedures, information control, workflows, advanced reports, support in problem solving, coordination with the IT company on modules pending to be installed or necessary technical adjustments in the ERP …


Complete advice, training, support and coordination are included in meetings 1 to 1 or with several users at the same time remotely, without a time limit, in order to take advantage of its full potential for planning, control and decision-making by of the Management.


Additionally, includes the implementation service of all the Management Control tools necessary for the company , providing support, training and maintenance assistance to all the tools implemented and advising the company on the most appropriate tools for a professional Management and Financial Control, such as:


Budgeted Costs and Margins Calculation System for decision making.

Budgetary Control System with projections to achieve the objectives desired by the company.

Advanced Treasury forecasts to control available liquidity during the coming months.

Balanced Scorecard to control the indicators of the objectives established by the company’s strategy.

Employee Shift and Schedule Quadrant.

Manufacturing Processes and Machines Planning through Gantt chart.

OEE report.

Reports to calculate the actual profitability of products, product categories, customers, sales representatives, geographical areas, sales channels….

Planning and Control of workload Projects and Tasks

Human Resources Management

Other Management Control tools or reports….

Dani Granero

Controlling Consultant
Controller ODOO ERP

Dani Consultor Controller y ODOO

Email: dani@cashtrainers.com


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