Impacting Charts for your Excel Templates

Impacting Charts for your Excel Templates.

When presenting the information to a boss the visual aspect is very important, if you want to highlight both positive aspects and aspects to improve in the company with your presentations, there is nothing better than impacting charts that add value to your communication.

Whether you make a presentation or create a report prepared in Word format, on many occasions you will have to show the company’s key indicators state.

If you really want to impact your boss or a customer with a good chart you will need professional templates.


What type of chart to choose for your Excel template, which you can use in PowerPoint presentations or Word reports?


This will depend on your needs, but here I leave you 4 types of charts that really impact and with which you will get the attention of your audience.


Speedometers Charts for Excel templates. Very easy to visualize since we are all used to the dashboards controls of the vehicles that indicate the speed, the rev counter, the fuel level … If you want to show high value indicators graphically this type of charts works very well.


Impacting Charts Excel


Gauge Charts for Excel templates. Very similar to speedometer charts, this type of graphic is widely used in Dashboards and Balanced Scorecards, they can be one colour or several colours. They have the visual effect of a fuel pump at a gas service station, when the fuel pump is full or almost full the indicator is ok, if the content of the fuel pump falls below the set limit then the alarms jump.


Impacting Charts Excel


Temperature Thermometer Charts. Visually very attractive and impressive to measure the health of the company. Bosses love to see that all the indicators are green, so be careful with these graphics because the negative results attract too much attention. These graphics can be configured with a single colour, with the possibility of using up to 3 colours or using 3 colours simultaneously.


Impacting Charts Excel


Evaluation and Positioning Chart. Ideal to compare 2 values ​​and position them graphically for different data. For example, income vs. profitability, sales vs. growth, business scope vs. usability, growth rate vs. market share….


Impacting Charts Excel


These are just a few examples of the many types of charts you can use to dazzle your presentations, to prepare the star report in your company or write a sales letter that amaze your customers.


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