Employee Recruitment Excel Template

Employee Recruitment Excel Template.

With a single tool, you can manage your entire recruitment pipeline.

This Employee Recruitment Excel Template organizes and tracks all of your company’s recruitment and hiring information in one place.

Use this solution to streamline your entire process, identify bottlenecks, and meet your objectives.


Important Characteristics

All applicant information can be stored in a recruitment database for easy access.

A visually appealing dashboard provides the big picture.

The entire pipeline is displayed in a single tab.

The weekly calendar view displays upcoming events as well as progress toward your goals.

To communicate more effectively with your colleagues, create emails or hard copies.


You can store and view your information with a single click thanks to the dashboard’s multiple visuals, a fully customizable weekly calendar style page, a tab with the entire pipeline, and a recruitment database.

The familiar format of this spreadsheet Excel template makes it even easier to enter data and stay on top of each process in your recruitment pipeline.


Professional and easy

Horizontal menu for easy page navigation

Spreadsheets ready for printing without the company logo

Download immediately

Completely unlocked template


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01 Employee Recruitment Excel Template

02 Employee Recruitment Excel Template

03 Employee Recruitment Excel Template

04 Employee Recruitment Excel Template

05 Employee Recruitment Excel Template

06 Employee Recruitment Excel Template

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