Budget Sales Control Free Excel Template

Budget Sales Control Free Excel Template.

The elaboration of a sales budget by products and its comparison with the actual data to analyze the deviations is an important task in any company.


What may seem a simple task, what I have experienced in many companies is that it is not an easy a job as can be expected.


Few companies performed this practice, and those used spreadsheets too complex to update and maintain.


If you are looking for a Free Excel spreadsheet that allows you to create and control budgeting of Sales and Income by products, you have landed on the appropriate page, here you have the opportunity to download a free model with Excel for the elaboration of the monthly budget of Sales by products and control of deviations by recording actual sales.


A “must” for any company since it is the starting point for the accounting budget control system, essential if what your company needs is to improve results compared to the previous year.


In the free model you can manage the budget up to 10 products, the template is open and is modifiable so you can adapt it for more products.


How does the Budget Sales Control Free Excel Template work to elaborate and analyze the variations of the product sales budget?

In “Product Configuration” you can predefine all the products to include in the budget and control and establish a standard price.


When budgeting sales by products it is done on a monthly basis, each month you can record the amount of sales budgeted by product, by default the standard price established in “Product Configuration” is shown but the price can be modified using the field “Adjusted Sale Price Forecast”, if this field is used the income will be calculated based on this price, otherwise it will be calculated through the standard price.


Therefore we can establish budgeted prices based on seasonality or to boost sales in weaker months.


Once you have prepared the budget (desired situation or objective to be achieved) you have the first step. Now is the key moment, to record the sales and real income to evaluate if the stablished objective is being fulfilled, that is the budget control.


The registration of actual income is very simple since a single table is used in which we select the product, the month, the actual quantity sold and the real income, it will automatically calculate the average sale price performed that month for the selected product.


When analyzing the deviations (variations) of actual income from the budget, the free Excel template has 2 types of reports.


  • Deviation Report 1: This is a dynamic report through which the comparison between budgeted and actual income of all products is shown, but in which we can filter by products and by months for a more detailed analysis.
  • Deviation Report 2: Pivot tables are not used in this report, although it may appear to be a more static report, it really is not, since we can select the months that we want to carry out the comparative analysis on total income of all products and we can also select a specific product for individual analysis.

Images of the Budget Sales Control Free Excel Template to create and control a sales and revenue budget for products


Sales Budget Control Free Excel spreadsheet


Sales Budget Control Free Excel spreadsheet


Sales Budget Control Free Excel spreadsheet


Sales Budget Control Free Excel spreadsheet


Sales Budget Control Free Excel spreadsheet


Sales Budget Control Free Excel spreadsheet

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