Budget Control YOY, YTD and FY-Fcst

Goals to achieve in Budget Control:


Configuration of the Budgetary and Analytical Control System version M15 adapted to the needs of the company.

Monthly update of the information and the structure of the tool.

Control of information stability so that there are no errors.

Support and advice to the company in relation to the analysis of the information and how to take advantage of it to obtain the best performance.

The tool will be adapted to analyze the information of the different Business Units that the company requires.

Report #1: Analytic P&L YOY (Year-Over-Year)

Report #2: Budget Control Year-to-Date (YTD). Compare the results as of the accounting closing date of the month with the established objectives.

Report #3: Budget Control Full Year Forecast (FYFcst) Compare the results by combining the data as of the closing date of the current accounting month with the forecasts for the months remaining until the end of the year with the annual budget.

Analysis and control charts for the 3 reports.

Action plan by manager / department.

Other reports: Year-to-Date Budget Control by Department and Full Year Forecast Budget Control by Department.

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Controlling Consultant
Controller ODOO ERP

Dani Consultor Controller y ODOO

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