Advanced Technological and Computer Services B2B Hispania

Advanced Technological and Computer Services B2B Hispania.

Business cases and success stories.

Advanced Technological and Computer Services case of Silbon

Silbon is a men’s fashion brand born in Córdoba in 2006.

Since then they have expanded throughout Spain with more than 15 stores in different capitals.

Continuing with Silbon’s expansion trend, the company is committed to its online store as part of its omnichannel strategy, strengthening the relationship with the client through instruments such as blogs and news channels.

The company highlights the growth in sales of 170% per year through its online store.


We migrate and consolidate their VPS server infrastructure from different providers to an architecture based on AWS web services.

One of his main concerns was adaptability to high demands, since in fashion, the launch of new sales or dates such as Black Friday produce an important and fortuitous spike.

The launch took place a few days before Black Friday and billing was multiplied by 12 compared to the previous Black Friday.


Advanced Technological and Computer Services case of Nasuni

Nasuni is a Boston, Massachusetts-based technology company that pioneered the commercialization of cloud object storage by developing the first cloud-native file system, UniFS®. Nasuni’s storage software uses object storage, file caching devices, and the company’s proprietary UniFS global file system to deliver a cloud solution that replaces traditional file servers and network attached storage (NAS).

We have participated in several projects with Nasuni as a technological partner, among which the success achieved in the R&D project carried out in 2018 led by its CEO Andrés Rodriguez and his main product development team stands out, to adapt and optimize its protocol to adapt it to the transfer of files carried out by the PLM software, SIEMENS Teamcenter.

In it, we managed to increase the transfer speed of engineering CAD files between 3 locations (Cologne – Germany, Seoul – Korea and San Francisco – USA) quite significantly.

This innovation achieved in this project is the basis of our Collaborative Engineering Platform solution.


Advanced Technological and Computer Services case of Sibbo Ventures

Sibbo Ventures is a company founded in 2015 that offers programmatic solutions to publishers, advertisers and agencies.

One of these solutions is a Consent Management Platform (CMP) with which it manages cookie consents on the web pages and applications of groups of publishers such as or the entire A3 Media group.

Due to the high traffic that these publishers generate, they decided to migrate to our Secure Cloud Platform solution on AWS.

Sibbo Ventures, in addition to the CMP, provides its clients with statistics on visits and acceptance of consents for which they have deployed a big data analysis solution on a data lake in AWS S3.


Advanced Technological and Computer Services case of Electrocost is an online business dedicated to the retail sale of household appliances and accessories.

They were pioneers in the sector and started with us in 2014 when they began to have scalability and security problems due to their rapid growth.

We migrate and consolidate your VPS server infrastructure from different providers to an architecture based on AWS web services.

From this moment they began to benefit from key services of elastic computing, storage, sending emails and, above all, security.

This allowed them to grow on a solid infrastructure that supported their aggressive advertising and online marketing campaigns with an average annual downtime that has never exceeded 5 minutes.

Electrocosto today is one of the leading companies in the sector of online sales of household appliances with an annual turnover of more than 30 million.


Advanced Technological and Computer Services case of Schmitz Cargobull

Schmitz Cargobull is a German multinational company in the automotive sector that manufactures trailers and truck bodies.

They are headquartered in Horstmar, Germany and currently have more than 6,500 employees worldwide.

A good part of them engineers. We have assisted SC in the design and implementation of a virtual desktop delivery cloud solution for engineers (workstations) that improves collaboration between engineers in different locations and reduces their wait times when transferring CAD models.


Advanced Technological and Computer Services case of Aixtron

Aixtron is a publicly traded, multinational high-tech company based in Cologne, Germany, in the semiconductor industry.

We have helped Aixtron in its definition of cloud services adoption strategy as well as in its cybersecurity strategy.

We have carried out high computing projects for fluid dynamics simulation, definition and implementation of workstations for mobility engineers and other R&D projects.


Advanced Technological and Computer Services case of DCOOP

Dcoop is one of the largest cooperatives of farmers and ranchers in Spain with its headquarters in Antequera, Malaga.

We are helping DCOOP to define its strategy for adopting cloud services to improve both the technological services it provides to its associates and its resilience in the event of a cyberattack.


Advanced Technological and Computer Services case of Agrifluide group

The Agrifluide group is dedicated to the manufacture and sale of liquid fertilizers.

Their differential factor is that they use an exclusive component called PHC in their fertilizers that reduces the amount of fertilizer needed to effectively fertilize an area of ​​land.

In their commitment to the ecosystem, efficient crops and precision agriculture, they decided to include in their portfolio of services, a variable ratio fertilization solution based on LoraWan and FiWare networks, economically affordable and that would allow their clients to produce more using fewer resources. a nutrient map is taken from the soil of a farm in which the nutrient density per m2 is seen and it is paid with different amounts of fertilizer according to the need.


Advanced Technological and Computer Services case of Cordoba City Council

The Cordoba City Council turned to our company in 2014 for its initial implementation of the National Security Scheme (ENS).

Since then there have been many projects in which we have participated, among which are the security of its perimeter using new generation firewalls from Palo Alto Networks. Frontal security of more than 60 websites with the Imperva application firewall, the provision of high availability cloud infrastructure on AWS for highly seasonal and critical web applications such as the patio party website.

We also provide cloud storage for the backup copy of the digitization of the municipal television archive.


Advanced Technological and Computer Services case of the University of Cordoba

Through the Digital Transformation Classroom, the University of Cordoba participates in the project financed with European funds Feder, for the modernization of the Innolivar olive grove, advising on the best practices and technologies to achieve the objective of the project.

We collaborate with the classroom in this project by providing and operating innovative cloud services for the innolivar project.

In particular, we are offering a PKI and server infrastructure where FiWare context servers are hosted that receive and monitor information taken by IoT sensors.


Advanced Technological and Computer Services case of Natural Soft

Natural Soft is a company from Granada that produces software solutions for Hospitals, reproduction, dental and geriatric clinics.

These solutions are highly critical in terms of availability and confidentiality of the information they handle and for this reason they are served from an AWS infrastructure.

Natural Soft has had a very large growth from the beginning and today they have cloud infrastructure clients deployed in the 5 continents.

We have been with them from the beginning and help them with support and in the definition of their cloud and security strategy.


Advanced Technological and Computer Services case of Cordopolis

Cordopolis is a digital newspaper focused on news from Cordoba and province.

They were our clients from mid-2018 until the beginning of 2021 when they became part of the group. During this time, Cordopolis experienced strong growth in readership, becoming the leading digital newspaper in the province of Cordoba.

We helped this growth with a solid cloud infrastructure where they hosted the newspaper, as well as a fast and 24×7 support service.

During this time, Cordopolis was able to resist both very strong spikes in demand due to the publication of impact news, and different types of cyberattacks.


Advanced Technological and Computer Services case of Eureka Discos

Eureka is a record label that has been producing records and audiovisual material since 2004.

In a year of work, they can generate several information tasks in material that once released has to be kept for the remains or deleted.

Among this material there are jewels and even material from deceased artists, so deleting it is not highly recommended because you never know when a song may be successful, and a remix and reissue may be necessary.


The storage and archiving of that material had been done on portable USB hard drives that were stored on shelves. They were aware of the low durability in terms of years that information stored on magnetic disks has, about 5 years on average, so they were looking for a durable and affordable archiving solution that would allow them to archive for life and, where appropriate, recover information if the need arises.


Through a managed storage platform solution, he is helping Eureka to upload and store all this information in the AWS S3 Glacier service where a terabyte of stored information costs just over €3 per month and has the highest replication guarantees, and AWS durability.

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